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UAB Kidney Chain. The chain is the nation's longest ever. The kidney chain has been kept going by many remarkable acts of sacrifice, and has revealed many moving stories of determination. What the year-old did not anticipate was that inspiration would lead him to volunteer to become a living kidney donor just seven months later.

See his story in this video:. Become a Part of the Chain Donate a kidney If you would like to donate to a loved one, or a stranger, start by filling out this online form. Get on the list If you are in need of a kidney transplant, you will need a referral from your nephrologist.

Your doctor can get all the details here. UAB is among top. Kendra Brooks After more than four years of dialysis treatments, Kendra Brooks received her transplant in April We have a match. But because of her donation, I was able go on the UAB list and received my kidney from a young woman named Nicole who had contacted UAB and wanted to donate her kidney to anybody. So in a sense, I feel like I have two donors. Laura Burks With a desire to help others, Laura Burks was looking for her next opportunity when a friend posted on her blog about how she was going to donate a kidney.

I thought it was something that happens after you pass away. After nine years of dialysis treatments, his wish came true. Paula King - 1 "Knowing that there was somebody out there who could use what I had and praying about it and seeing a friend who had donated a kidney made me realize that perhaps I was somebody else's friend. Additional Info Hometown Helena, Alabama.

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The fact that Paula would come forward and donate to a stranger, to me, it was an act of obedience. She heard what God said, and she just did it.

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Additional Info Hometown Shalimar, Florida. Additional Info Hometown Mobile, Alabama. Additional Info Hometown Quinton, Alabama. It wasn't a question for me. Additional Info Hometown Harvest, Alabama. I feel awesome. Additional Info Hometown Lexington, Tennessee. It was just a no-brainer.

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Additional Info Hometown Brookwood, Alabama. Additional Info Hometown Saltillo, Mississippi. Additional Info Hometown Montgomery, Alabama. It was my sister. Additional Info Hometown Eclectic, Alabama. Additional Info Hometown Bessemer, Alabama. Additional Info Hometown Pensacola, Florida. We got stuck on the interstate about 12 miles down the road.

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We sat on the interstate for three hours before we had some truckers move people out of the way and let us…. Additional Info Hometown Milton, Florida. It happened quickly. Additional Info Hometown Oxford, Alabama. Additional Info Hometown Huntsville, Alabama. I may not know them all by name, and I may not have even met all of them, but we are all linked.

Additional Info Hometown Auburn, Alabama. Additional Info Hometown Chicago, Illinois. It is just crazy and amazing at the same time.

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Additional Info Hometown Decatur, Mississippi. Locke told me my name had been on her bulletin board for two and a half years because I had been her toughest patient. And then one day, out of the blue, my reasoning began to break down. If I wasn't in this predicament, I would give somebody an organ in a heartbeat.

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We were on this waiting list for three months. It's really been amazing. I'm glad to be off of it and have this transplant behind me. I hope to get back on with my life and pick up where I left off. Additional Info Hometown Albany, Georgia. But if we could help other people in the process, why not pick someone else up and carry them with…. Additional Info Hometown Pinson, Alabama. We had to talk about it. Additional Info Hometown Birmingham, Alabama. This, to me, was the place I needed to be to get these awesome. Additional Info Hometown Youngstown, Florida. Additional Info Hometown Lillian, Alabama.

Locke has done such an amazing thing with this chain. It's truly amazing. Additional Info Hometown Monroeville, Alabama. He was a little hesitant for me to do this But the main goal, as I kept telling him, is for him to be around for our. This time last year he was in a near-fatal car accident I just feel like God let him survive to help me out. It's inspiring and appreciated. It really is bigger than just you. We are all on earth to do something bigger than ourselves, and it feels good when you actually have an opportunity to…. It's a miracle for everybody involved.

Medicine has changed so much since my first transplant. It's unbelievable what can be done now. I wanted to give him a kidney the first time, but I was too young. It never really occurred to me to second-guess doing this at all. Not one…. Additional Info Hometown Moulton, Alabama. Additional Info Hometown Oxford, Mississippi. Additional Info Hometown Prattville, Alabama. Additional Info Hometown Rogersville, Alabama. It was good to hear her story and meet her.

Additional Info Hometown Valley, Alabama. But giving my kidney to somebody else is just as good as me giving my kidney directly to him. And when you think about it, two people are going to have a…. Additional Info Hometown Lanett, Alabama. It will be the biggest benefit, I think. I wanted to give someone a chance.

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I wanted to give Frank a chance. Additional Info Hometown Cullman, Alabama. Additional Info Hometown Cantonment, Florida. It was not something I took lightly. I prayed about it for several months. I can never repay her for what she did, but I am beyond thankful for her kindness. Additional Info Hometown Tuscumbia, Alabama. Additional Info Hometown Hoover, Alabama.

Would love some help 21 Pinson area 21

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