4some in Las Vegas Nevada

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One thing that I always wanted to do was have a foursome. The cards and stars must all align but when it does, it can happen. Have you been watching group sex videos or have you ever been to a party and almost hooked up with a few people at once? Let me break things down for you here. Keep reading to get the scoop on all this and more. Most of the women in Vegas are always loose and rarely do they ever pass up a good time. Keep energy levels calm and keep your personal vibe on point. It really makes a huge difference.

Not everyone is going to be hot. The night that I had my first foursome, I was determined, confident and ready to make it happen with positive vibes the whole time. This one night, my friend and I decided to walk around in stupid hats in Vegas. We saw them looking and ended up going over to talk to them.

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Once they started flipping their hair and touching us, we knew it was on so we headed back to our room. Yes, the objective is to end up in their hotel room! Why their room? Well, for the most part, the girls will feel more comfortable in their own room. As soon as we got there, it was like a game of cat and mouse. I would just casually attempt to touch one of the girls and then act like nothing happened.

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A few minutes later, I would do the same thing again. It kept her interested and on her toes. She never knew what was coming next. That was when I decided that it was high time to turn it up and make it happen. The four of us started playing drinking games and getting really drunk. As soon as I had the chance, I leaned in and kissed one of the girls.

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Not only that, I slid my hand up her skirt. She was already wet. My friend and his girl were already going at it on the bed.

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We had the time of our lives and left as soon as the sexcapade was over. If so, I suggest that you do yourself a solid and try this one above all others. Be sure to do some searches while on the Casino floor and look for people that are okay with group sex or orgies. You can search for these people within the networks using the advanced search options. Good luck and let me know how things pan out for you!

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4some in Las Vegas Nevada

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