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Hot steamy nights may be great for human sex lives but they're bad for pig breeding, with a new study finding heat stress can lead to a dramatic decline in boar fertility.

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The first-of-its-kind study by James Cook University examined the quality of pig sperm from hogs housed in Queensland's tropical north at three different times of the year. The team found that falling hog fertility rates in hotter weather were caused by damage to the DNA in the boars' sperm.

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Damien Paris says selective breeding has led to the introduction of white European pigs into warmer and tropical countries because they gain weight quickly. It's already costing the pork industry millions of dollars and could have enormous implications on food security in the tropics.

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Dr Paris says the DNA damage occurs because pigs aren't as good as other species at regulating their body heat. The damage le to failed embryo development, pregnancy loss and reduced litter sizes, which is particularly concerning given the general temperature rise predicted with climate change, Dr Paris said.

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Pigs are a very efficient method of producing protein, and pork is the most widely consumed meat, he said. Dr Paris said the JCU team is working on an antioxidant therapy to help mitigate the problem of heat stress on boar sperm and hopes to begin field trials soon.

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Their testes are attached closely to their body and they don't sweat well, he said. Australian Associated Press.

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Some like it hot but not hogs: study